Top 10 Unique and Inexpensive Gift Wrapping Ideas

Gift wrapping can be expensive, but there are many ways to wrap a gift for your family and friends while saving money. We scoured the web for creative and interesting gift wrapping ideas to present your present in style without breaking the bank!

Interactive Gift Wrap ~ Features playful and fun gift wrapping for all ages. Read more at Lines Across.

1 - creative interactive gift wrap ideas for kids

Eco-friendly Recycled Gift Wrap – Features wallpaper samples, glass jars and more. Read more at TreeHugger


Comics or Even Newspapers ~ Features the comics as a great wrapping option. Read more at Family Chic.


Print Photos To Personalize ~ Features photos, fabric remnants and more. Read more at Simply Designing.




Frugal Mom Wrapping ~ Features chalkboard paper wrap, toilet paper rolls, and more. Read more at Parents.



Cheap Gift Wrapping Ideas ~ Features recycled potato chip bags, kids drawings, etc. Read more at GMA.



Inexpensive and Unique Gift Wrapping ~ Features lots of recycled gift wrap ideas. Read more at 36th Avenue.




Recycled Gift Wrapping ~ Recycled ties, shirts and boxes become gift wrap. Read more at Design Dump.




Money Saving Gift Wrapping Tips ~ Featuring money saving gift wrapping tips. Read more at Money Saving Mom.



Snowman Gift Wrap ~ Easy and inexpensive Christmas gift wrapping idea. Read more at House Bella.




Be Fabulously Festive, be creative and have fun this holiday season!

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